• Bariquinn Deeyaa

America and the Deliberate Suppression of Non-whites

In everything that has conspired over that past 6 months, with riots, protests, potential national emergencies, the much-needed publicity of police brutality in our country, and a global pandemic in the midst of all of this, it’s time we address the foundation of our country rather than talking about the results of a system that has been conspiring to oppress deliberately.

Race and racism are always considered a touchy topic in the USA, when the truth is simple: America was born this way and needs to make inherent and intentional changes if the nation itself wants to improve. Today, it seems like the world has started viewing things less in terms of good and bad, but rather in terms of the intrinsic and the characteristic. Philosopher and political activist Charles W. Mills does due diligence to this idea in his novel essay The Racial Contract.

“Insofar as racism is addressed at all within mainstream moral and political philosophy, it is usually treated as a footnote as a regrettable deviation from the ideal. But treating it this way makes it seem contingent, accidental, residual, removes it from our understanding. Race is made to seem marginal when in fact race has been central." (Mills, 56)

The central idea here is that as a nation, America has made race and racism seem like it was a mistake when in reality, this country was built on the DELIBERATE suppression of non-whites (but specifically blacks). The term “inequality” or “inequity” is more of an oxymoronic term when looking at the building blocks of this country. Yes, it is not equal for all, but at the same time, the system is not broken or bent or turned into something it was not. The system is, in fact, working exactly the way it was created to. It was created to oppress, and it was built on the foundations of genocide, rape, and theft; this continues in America today.

If America wants to grow and develop into the 1st world country that it is made out to be, then it needs to strip the ideas of patriotism and white supremacy and focus on four things: reparations, reconstructions, reconciliations, and justice for ALL. These are the building blocks to a new, more equitable, equal, and safe city, state, and eventually nation.

3 Hard Truths On BLM:

1. BLM WAS A THING BEFORE IT WENT VIRAL: - “The events that followed Mike Brown’s death have often been described as ‘the catalyst’ for the revolution-like protests that followed. For some ‘Black Lives Matter’ was a wake-up call, for many others the words gave voice to a deep-seated awareness of what it felt like to be black in America. (sydneypeacefoundation.com)

2. BLM IS ABOUT MORE THAN ‘JUST’ POLICE BRUTALITY: - “Black Lives Matter demands that American society reconsider how it values black lives by identifying where and how black life is cut short, whether in viral videos of police brutality, the self-fulfilling prophecy of the criminal justice system or in areas where black communities disproportionately face homelessness, poverty, and economic disparity. (sydneypeacefoundation.com)”

3. BLM DOES NOT SAY THAT ONLY BLACK LIVES MATTER: - “While all lives should matter, this is a utopia as we do not currently live in a world where all lives are equal. The statement “Black lives matter” is not an anti-white proposition. Therefore, to say “all lives matter” in response to Black people saying “Black lives matter” is actually saying that Black lives don’t matter. (sydneypeacefoundation.com)”