• valerikiana

Planned Parenthood; Corruption and Disturbing Truth

The clock is ticking for future generations because every year, around 40-50 million children lose their lives. Because every day that goes by, we steal more than 3,000 babies' lives. Because every second that passes, we swipe another innocent child's life from them (The Worldometer abortion statistics).

That is abortion, a sad reality that has no happy endings. A pandemic that has caused darkness to fall over the United States, ever since Roe Vs. Wade was established, a supreme court case argued in 1971, issued on the ground of whether or not the U.S. Constitution protects the right of a woman to obtain an abortion (Street Law Inc.).

At this point, whether we have the right over our bodies is past us; instead, the question we should ask ourselves is whether we have the right to kill innocent children.

As a woman, I can never rationalize murder, which I believe abortions are.

Because these children are now victims, victims of this drug Americans are addicted too; victims who will never get the chance to go to school, who will never meet their parents, who will never do all of the things we non-victims take for granted.

We will not ponder on the question of whether or not we have the right to kill innocent children until we all become aware of the truth behind abortion clinics. I am here to tell you the truth. 

I find uncovering the truth behind abortion clinics in the United States is done best by unraveling the truth behind the four walls of the most significant women's health services the United States has, Planned Parenthood.

Starting with the corruption behind the corporation of Planned Parenthood, an organization that grew into a billion-dollar business because of being labeled as a nonprofit organization, meaning they do not get profit off of what they do. 

You might be thinking, "this is because this organization truly dedicates themself for the social cause of women's health," when they hide behind this label to be considered tax-exempt, not because they care, which they found comes with many pluses. Such as receiving federal funding. 

We are the reason behind how this business grew to become a billion-dollar organization, whether you support this organization or not.

When you look at the numbers of Planned Parenthood, you find, with the help of The Heritage Foundation explaining the revenue and The New York Times providing the government funding, they had an income of 110 million dollars in 2019, while then received 60 million dollars from government fundings, all to fund their lucrative programs. 

Lucrative programs, not including abortion, provided for women with the help of our money, includes counseling, STD and HIV testing and treatment, birth control, screening for reproductive cancers, pap tests and well-woman exams, vaccines, PREP and PEP, pregnancy services, and prenatal care, transgender health services, including hormone replacement therapy, vasectomy, and other sterilization services, condoms, and more (Planned Parenthood Facts and Figures). 

Yet, undercover studies show different. 

Studies show that Planned Parenthood does not use our money for vital reproductive health care like they claim, which is the only reason they were able to be tax-exempt.

Live-action, a pro-life organization, found that Planned Parenthood refuses to use our money to help the individuals who need this support the most; pregnant women who chose to carry their babies full term.  

Live-action has conducted many investigations from having pregnant women call Planned Parenthood to get information about their options to receiving intel from past Planned Parenthood members, all experiments shown on Live Action.

This group found Planned Parenthood refusing to provide some of their programs they claim they offer with our U.S taxpayer money. One option they say they provide to all women, usually for women who just found out they are pregnant, is multi-option counseling.

During multi-option counseling, Planned Parenthood says they provide information on the options of adoption, abortion, and prenatal care; however, during an interview, found on Live-Action, Lila Rose, a pro-life activist and the founder of live-action, conducted with a former Planned Parenthood manager, Sue Thayer, Planned Parenthood does not provide this.

Sue Thayer makes it clear; during these "multi-option" counseling, they only sell abortions. Thayer even explains that Planned Parenthood only offers abortion; they do not refer to adoption or prenatal care like they say. Proving multi-option counseling is a one option counseling at Planned Parenthood. 

So, what is our taxpayer money used for at Planned Parenthood if they do not offer half of the programs they say they do?

Because our money is not going to women who need support in areas other than abortion, does this mean our money is going into just abortion? 

Well, Live-Action held an investigation where pregnant women called Planned Parenthood, seeking support with adoption, prenatal care, and even ultrasounds. But, Planned Parenthood informs them this is not the place for them.

Planned Parenthood workers repeated, "we don't offer those services." Out of the 97 Planned Parenthood buildings, Live Action called during this investigation; they found that 92 of these clinics do not offer any prenatal care nor adoption help. 

During this investigation, they then tried to see if these women could get access to an ultrasound at the clinics, but only three of 65 Planned Parenthood clinics said they would be able to provide an ultrasound to check the child's health, the other 65 clinics would not allow it.

However, being considered a nonprofit organization but not using the money, they are provided in the correct places is just a quarter of the corruption that lies in Planned Parenthood. 

Now that we know they use our money, not for women's health programs, but abortions, we can now dig into the lack of explanation Planned Parenthood provides to the vulnerable women seeking guidance. 

Purposely, Planned Parenthood provides a lack of explanation in the option there are other than abortion but about the abortion procedure and what happens to there dead child. Done to make sure they exceed as many abortions they can do a year. 

We already know they hide adoption options, prenatal care because otherwise, they would not get as many abortion appointments, but why would they conceal our ultrasounds? 

They hide ultrasounds because they do not want us to see our child we are killing. They do not provide them because, in Planned Parenthood eyes, ultrasounds are for checkings for how far along your child is before the scheduled killing, not to tell if your child is healthy. 

Disgusting because there are people in the world who do not see the importance of life, so much so, they even hide your child from you, but that is not the worst part, they hide how abortions perform. 

Do you understand how abortionists perform abortions? Thanks too Live-Action creating an Abortion Procedure, a page explaining the different methods of abortions, depending on the trimester, ranging from the 1st trimester to the 3rd trimester. 

1st-trimester abortions are performed by aspiration, a procedure completed by the usage of metal rods or medication to dilate your cervix and gain access to your uterus, where your baby is. Then a suction catheter sucks your child's womb. 1st-trimester abortions are completed once the abortionist empties the remains of your child from your uterus.

2nd-trimester abortions are known as the dilation and evacuation, which is a two-step process. The first step is dilating your cervix by using laminaria to soak up liquid from your body to expand your uterus. 

For the second step, the abortionist will insert a large suction catheter into your uterus, emptying the amniotic fluid. After all the liquid is gone, the abortionist uses a Sopher clamp to grasp and pull your child's arms and legs. Tearing the limbs from your baby's body, holding intestines, spine, heart, and lungs, and any other limbs or body parts. 

The most challenging part of this procedure for the abortionist is crushing your baby's head. 

An indiction abortion is performed for a 3rd-trimester abortion, done over a four or more day span. During the first day, the abortionist uses a large needle to inject digoxin or potassium chloride through your abdomen or vagina, targeting your baby's heart, torso, or head to ensure your baby will be delivered dead and not alive. The lethal dose causes a fatal cardiac arrest. Your baby's life will end. And you then wait to have your dead baby. 

These are not the only methods; let us not forget about the abortion pills. Two capsules, one that consists of Mifepristone and the other consisting of Misoprostol, were created to kill your child by starvation and suffocation, and the other made to push your child out. Mifepristone, the first pill, initiates starvation and suffocation, done by blocking progesterone, a hormone naturally produced by your body to allow you to sustain and nourish your pregnancy, making the lining of your uterus to break down, cutting off blood and nourishment to your baby. Your child then dies inside you. 

After twenty-four to forty-eight hours later, they tell you to take the second pill, Misoprostol, causing contractions and bleeding to cause you to push your dead baby out. 

Abortions, as I said, a sad reality that has no happy ending—done by methods consisting of vacuuming your child apart, injecting poison into your child's heart, torso, or head, by suffocating and starving your child, and tearing apart your child.

After your child's death at Planned Parenthood, they place the body into the "dirty lab." 

Former Planned Parenthood manager, Sue Thayer, informs during an interview with Lila Rose, the dirty lab is where they finish the procedure. First, by taking the jar, holding the baby's body parts and blood, and pouring it into a rubber collinear, rinsing the deceased child with a hose—leaving just the child's remains, moving it then into a clean glass jar. They began puzzling back the arms, legs, head, torso, and all, ensuring all the parts were there. They set the pieced back child, depending on how far along it was, into a freezer—dumping the rest into a sink where they flush it away (Live Action).

You could only hope this is where it ends, but it is not. With us allowing abortions, we enable people to sell these little human body parts—Planned Parenthood The Ugly Truth, explains the disturbing prices these products run for, starting with the human fetal tissue going for 595 dollars, and the skull matched to upper and lower limbs also going for 595 dollars. The upper and lower limbs with hands and feet go for 890 dollars, and the fetal brain goes for 2,230 dollars. 

As disturbing as Planned Parenthoods methods of corruption and lack of explanation are, they seem to work.  

Susan B Anthony list notes show that abortions make up 95% of Planned Parenthoods pregnancy solution, but that is not all; for every adoption referral, specific Planned Parenthood buildings offer, Planned Parenthood performs around 81 abortions, all during the 2018-2019 year (The Heritage Foundation). 

That is just the percentage of abortions done in Planned Parenthood individually; out of every other clinic in the U.S., Planned Parenthood takes credit for 34.9% of abortions performed (Live Action). 

Again, do we have the right to kill innocent children? 

I do not think we do. And time is running out, and the more time we let by, the more children die. Die by being vacuumed apart, by being poisoned, suffocated and starved, and by being torn apart by their limbs.

If there is corruption behind the most well-known abortion clinic in the U.S, there is corruption in the small ones. Not only are we allowing our hard-earned money to go into an organization lying to us and killing our children, but we are enabling the selling of our children. When will we allow the darkness to lift?