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Religion, Health, or Selfishness?

California, USA- Mayor London Breed first restricted all large gatherings. Then medium sized gatherings followed. Then all non essential businesses were shut down. Finally, Governor Gavin Newsom created a whole state "shelter in place" order. That is now being loosen much to some people's relief and other people's fears. Is it moral to end in person church services? Sure, in places like the Bay Area and LA Metro virtual church services are very easy. However, in rural areas internet can have poor connection and technology less modern. Multiple people have called church gatherings as "selfish" and "spreaders of COVID19 but in person meetings are important for some. Can you do confession virtually? Can you have the same spirit or essence you get through a virtual meeting? If you believe in God you know you should only bow to the one and only God you worship, then is such strict rules unconstitutional and unmoral? "Slow the spread" or "flatten the curve" are well coined phrases but do they mean "end all activities or rituals in which you can't stay six feet apart"? Do they mean the power of the government can override freedom?