• Nicole Ordubegian

Taking care of our planet should be a bigger priority

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Lately, our planet has been in dire need of assistance for it to stay healthy and keep us alive. Taking care and helping our planet become the best version of itself should be our number one priority because we live on Earth and it is our responsibility to aid it.

A main thing we could do to help is to reduce our carbon footprints because it will ultimately benefit the entire world. It’s important to take care of the Earth because it provides us with the many necessities we need for us to survive. With climate change on the rise, taking care of the planet should be our number one priority.

Our lives depend on a healthy planet, and we need to help it now more than ever. When we continuously damage the Earth, we damage our health as well. Deforestation, climate change, increased pollution, and other modern factors of our world are disposing of species left and right and hurt ecosystems at an extremely alarming rate.

According to WHO, many global health challenges, for example, today’s corona virus pandemic, we face today are all linked to the alarming decline of ecosystems and biodiversity in said ecosystems. Human interference with the environment have triggered events like climate change, air pollution, undrinkable water and many more.

There should be laws put into place in order to help save our planet from an irreversible fate. Instead of many country’s governments talking about what they could do to benefit our planet, they should be taking action to make sure that those things do happen in due time.

For example, they should promote more green energy that average citizens can use on a daily basis. Technological developments have allowed us to find much more efficient and cheaper alternatives to the energy sources we use now.

With the correct planning, many nations can avoid more climate change caused catastrophes by turning to more environmentally friendly options: solar power, wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, and more that would help the world adapt to more advanced human life and still be at its healthiest. These are all renewable energy sources that are also at a low cost.

When talking about energy, it’s important to make it flexible to each area’s environment so it doesn’t end up causing more harm rather than improvement. Energy projects should first be placed into areas who need it the most, which in turn would benefit the local area, and a portion of the world.

Every major decision such as public policies and strategies should be brought up with the thought of nature in mind so we don’t end up harming it. Changing energy production is a good start to the, hopefully, better state of the world in the future.

There are many ways for people to learn and educate themselves on methods they can implement into their daily lives that can benefit the environment and make it a better place for all people to live in. People can do this by choosing items from sustainable sources, conserving water, buying less plastic, shopping wisely, and to reuse, reduce, and recycle.

These may seem like small things that won’t do anything, but all it takes one person for a larger change to occur. Our planet is worth making small sacrifices in our lives to make it a healthier place for everyone to live in.

Credit: Image by Airman 1st Class Taylor D. Slater via Air Education and Training Command

Providing our planet with the things it needs for it to stay healthy allows it to also give humans the necessary resources we need for us to continue being able to survive. Everything is connected and we must all do our job to work for the better of everyone as a whole.

By working together, we can change things and make the Earth a better place for every single life living on it. We must learn from each other to make the decisions that will save us in the end.