• Natalia Cancel

The Impact of Gen Z

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Growing up as a kid in Gen Z I have always had technology and social media at my fingertips. That is what makes this generation different from the rest. Generation Z consists of everyone born from 1995-2015. With social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram it is easier for people to be updated on what is happening in the world. This is also important because kids in gen z are becoming more educated which is important to take steps towards making changes. After all, we did grow up witnessing monthly school shootings, our own planet dying, police brutality against minorities and so much more that it is important for us to save ourselves. Our generation stresses the importance of mental health as well as doing what we can to save the planet. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the TikTok trend making fun of ‘vsco girls’ and the phrase “save the turtles”, but in order to save the dying Earth we must do everything we possibly can. Most teens are aware that climate change is real and young environmental activist Greta Thunberg is trying to make people aware of this issue yet many boomers do not believe it and they laugh at her and see her as a joke. Yet it is proven by scientists that global warming is real. Many companies have taken steps towards producing more eco-friendly products. In addition to this, the murder of George Floyd was a wake up call to many Americans that it is time to seek change in the system. Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and so many more innocent people have been wrongfully murdered by police and have not received justice. In response, many people have participated in nationwide protests which have been shown across Twitter and other social media platforms allowing for myself and others to gain knowledge about our justice system and how the news twists things to make situations seem different than what they actually are. Many teens participated in these protests and have signed and created petitions as well as many broke students donating money while many celebrities stay silent. It is important to defund the police and start putting those funds to better use such as education and affordable housing. How is it that a lawyer needs years of school to understand the law while police just go through short training? More recently, Donald Trump held a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was bragging about how booked it was on Twitter, yet videos were released showing the empty stadium seats. It turns out that many teens on TikTok registered tickets without showing up. We use social media to our advantage to become more educated so we can make changes from issues caused by past generations. While doing what is fun and what we love, like making TikTok dances we are also organizing protests, saving the environment and pranking the president. Just wait until we are old enough to vote, and run for office. Gen Z will change the world.