• Taylor Fischbeck

The power of a good book

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Storytelling has been a part of human lives from the very beginning. Thousand of stories have been passed down from person to person, keeping the tale of our ancestors alive. Over the years, however, we’ve had the privilege to not only tell our ancestors’ stories but to create our own.

Writers can often get overlooked, mostly by people who don’t understand the importance of a good book. Everyone has their reasons for not reading, and they have their reasons for reading, but those who don’t read are missing out on incredible adventures and stories that make you question your beliefs and if you’re lucky, your very being. That’s the power of a good book.

Many people say they read for the purpose of escaping reality, me being one of those people, but that’s not the only reason people read. People like me like to challenge themselves. They enjoy it when someone else’s words make them question things they otherwise never would have questioned. Humans thrive for challenges. It’s how they evolve.

Not only do books make people question themselves, but it also allows them to empathize with other people because they’re getting an inside look at someone else’s life. No matter if it’s a book containing fictional characters or an autobiography, it allows us to see inside someone’s mind, which in turn makes us understand why people make the choices they make.

Books also allow people to get a glimpse of how life was before they came into the world. Life experiences were vastly different in the 19th and 20th centuries. That was only (approx.) 200 years ago and a lot of things have changed. History books can only tell so much, but reading books written by people who lived long before us can tell us more. It doesn’t matter if they’re fictional writings or non-fictional...every story has a sliver of truth. That’s how tales get started, after all.

People have a habit of believing that once you pass a certain age or period in your life, it’s too late to unlock more wonders. That’s wrong. It’s never too late to introduce something new. No matter where you are in your life, you’re able to start saving for that dream car or start studying for the career you want or even, in some cases, begin developing a love for reading.

So no matter the genre or the format or the author, there is a book for you. Whether it’s a romance, a self-help book, or a world filled with dragons and warlocks, something will catch your eye, enveloping you in the wonders of the world around us.

Reading may not seem like a big deal to you but it is a big deal to others and sometimes all it takes is one word to open your eyes to a world that’s much bigger than your own.