• Jayce Haun

What YOU can do?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As we move further into 2020, an awakening of the Black Lives Matter movement has occurred. For the past few weeks, protests have been spreading all across the world. Protesting is one of the ways that many people have been using to fight for change and to show their support towards the black community. But what about the people who can't protest?

Here are some things that YOU can do to stay in the loop and help make a change.

Sign Petitions

By signing petitions, you are helping create justice for those who have been affected by the wrong actions of police, the government, or of the people. These petitions are made by citizens every day and are aimed towards the government. Signing a petition is completely free and is a great way to show your support and to make a change. Petitions can be found using the link provided, or simply by searching the internet. There are plenty of petitions out there, so don't be afraid to sign one, or even all.


Every donation counts and matters, even if it is the smallest amount. All donations that are made using the link above go towards George Floyd’s family, Breonna Taylor’s family, African American businesses, youth in the African American community, their future all those that have fallen at the hands of a police officer and more. The money that is being donated has not and will not be used for anything other than those things related to the Black Lives Matter movement.


Teach yourself. Teach others. Learn more about the truth. Learn about how this all started and how this will impact the future of our country. Racism is not something that just started. Racism has been going on for decades and it is time that people start to understand why, how, when, and where. Educating yourself and others can help us understand those of the African American community.


If you have a friend of color, take the time to sit down and listen to them. Let them express their thoughts and feelings. They matter too. Showing that you care is very important, as it makes people feel more comfortable speaking about topics such as racism.