• Jayce Haun

What Students are Saying About the BLM Protests

Last month, George Floyd, an African-American man, was killed by police in Minneapolis. The death, which was captured on video, sparked outrage amongst the world. Following Mr. Floyd’s death, protests and demonstrations were held in many large cities. Today, there are protests everywhere in the world.

We asked two students to tell us what they thought about the protests that followed the death of George Floyd. We also asked them how the protests have affected them. Here is what they had to say:

Jayce Catchings

“The black lives matter protests have really taken off in the last few weeks. It is great to see the white community show their support. Though, I do believe that some people are missing the real message and are using the protests as something fun to do. It affects me because I am black and every time I get pulled over, I realize that this is life or death for me. If I say or move in an incorrect manner, I could be killed, as getting killed by the police is a leading cause of death for us. I’m glad that people are finally seeing how unfairly we are being treated.”

Arthi Kondapaneni

“The American Pledge of Allegiance states ‘liberty and justice for all,’ but since the beginning of this country, I have noticed that that statement is simply not true. I have seen racial discrimination towards my family and I, but I cannot even begin to imagine the kind of injustice that my black brothers and sisters have to face every day. From racial slurs, to discrimination, to police brutality, African-Americans have been mistreated throughout history. The black lives matter movement is absolutely necessary, especially in a time like this. Although I may not be as affected by police brutality, I still stand with the black community. I attended a BLM march about a week ago and was amazed to see so many people come together for a common cause. It showed me that the effects of police brutality and injustice can result in thousands of people fighting for a change together. The recent event of Mr. Floyd’s death has affected others in my community by giving them rage and anger to fight for what is right. I believe that to truly make America great, we need to end police brutality and discrimination. We are the land of the free, but America will never truly be free until we make a change for the better.”