• malachijohnston116

Young People and Their Opinions

I think it is good for young people to get involved in current issues involving the government or politics, but we should not start debates or spread the propaganda of topics we think sound cool. There are many instances where females in our high schools have posted stuff on their Social Media platforms that target a certain gender, belief, or value someone holds. The things they post have shown false information, or harmful information, such as calling all men rapists, or criminals (a debate I found myself in), criminalizing normalities in our system or exaggerating rights for women or people of the LGBTQ+ community. These people post stuff that calls out regular things guys have done to show affection towards girls for years, as harassment, or threats; ie: catcalls, thinking a girl is pretty/has a nice body, compliments, flirting, etc. Now while girls are posting these topics on their media about how offended they are by what “men have done” these false accusations offend us, men, too. My main point is there are all types of discrimination on the internet, and there are many different sides you can take, but a debate is a leveled argument. Not attacking someone’s sexuality, religion, or belief. The debate shouldn’t rely on beliefs it should rely on facts, otherwise what’s the point of the argument if you have no true proof? We as high schoolers that are still getting our educations, should take time to educate ourselves on debating and spreading messages if we want to make a difference. Calling out or making fun of people on the internet doesn’t change a thing, so next time you want to post something controversial on your story, educate yourself on the topic so you can argue your side, but understand the other person's side. Debates are about respect.